Then welcome to the wonderful world of MyuM!
We are a merry family of hand-crafted soft toys in a number of wicked vegetable and fruit shapes.
Our dream is to familiarise children with the magical edible creations of nature
through playing with us and help them understand the benefits of a healthy diet.

MyuM’s produce is freshly picked from our organic French garden
and with love we serve you the following proud members of our clan:

Leeks, turnips, carrots, peas, beettroots ….
Fun veggie rattles suitable for babies of all ages, even the brand new ones.
Reversible fruits, introducing to children the miracle fact that flowers become fruits

Look Mamma! No machines!
No machine could possibly substitute the intricate ways of nature.
At MyuM each piece of us is carefully crafted by hand.

Look Pappa!  No synthetic materials!
At MyuM we only use natural and hypoallergenic plant fiber materials.
We are healthy and wholesome and are made from 100% organic cotton yarn
and stuffed with the highest quality natural flower cotton.

MyuM!  Together we will grow up!  Only younger and stronger !
MyuM! Toys made to play with Mother Nature and love healthy food.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *